Meet the Team

Building a Marketing Foundation

The SBS Marketing & Communication team is developing a strategic marketing plan for the college that will help us capture the attention of enrolled students, support our faculty, and increase alumni engagement. We are working on targeted audience research to better guide our efforts and make decisions on where to focus resources.

Our goals are to increase student enrollment within SBS, to tell faculty and student stories in meaningful and engaging ways, and to create community programs that increase engagement and fundraising. We plan to strengthen our outreach channels by incorporating new media such as video and audio and to distribute broadly across traditional and digital methods.

Support for the Dean's Office and SBS Units

Our team provides support for SBS-sponsored events such as the Downtown Lecture Series, creates graphics and multimedia materials, manages website content and social media for the college, and works with the news media. We also partner with SBS departments and units to help you connect with outside audiences, including prospective students, current and future donors, and members of the community. See our services.

Our team members

Lori Harwood
Director of External Relations
Shoshana Mayden
Associate Director, Content Marketing
Özlem Özgür
Multimedia Design Specialist
Jenna Rutschman
Director of Marketing, Communications